Automation enables some tasks to be performed far more efficiently than could ever be done manually. Othertimes automation is the only means to perform the task. NSPLabSM has significant experience in the area of automation through software engineering.

Test Automation
Software must be properly tested to have confidence that it will work correctly in the target environment. NSPLabSM has significant experience in the area of test automation and can work with your QA and Engineering organizations to get the tests automated and plugged into your existing automation framework or we can help you setup an automation framework based on our Test-o-matic® automation framework or our NAStest® product.

Automated Testing Concerns
There are a number of problems that may be encountered in trying to automate the testing. These concerns follow:

o Test quality. The test cases automated are only as good as the developers that review the test case. Engineering organizations must invest sufficient time in defining and reviewing test cases.
o Maintenance of automated tests. Robustly written automated tests should adapt to product changes. Sometimes product changes may require minor changes to automated test libraries.
o Test Libraries. NSPLabSM has extensive test automation libraries that can be leveraged to accomplish your goals.

Automated Unit Testing
Engineering time is expensive. Why not have the engineer define the unit tests required and then automate them? This will save the engineer time scripting hard coded tests that will rarely be re-used, it gets engineers using your test automation framework and providing invaluable feedback, and adds more test cases to your automation suite.

If you are using code coverage analysis tools then an engineer can pick from the existing automated tests to perform regression testing on the code the engineer is changing.


Performance benchmarking provides critical information to your company's decision makers. Benchmarking reports serve many purposes including exploring design alternatives, the use of hardware accelerators, pre-sales evaluations, and competitive positioning of new and existing products.

It is important to be able to rely on your benchmarking results. That is where our experience gets you benchmark results you can count on. Not only are we experts at running benchmarks but we also help develop industry standard benchmarks. We run industry standard, application specific, or customer specific benchmarks.

Performance Analysis

NSPLabSM provides the following performance analysis services:

Analysis of Benchmark Results
A common problem in benchmarking projects is that the performance engineer can generate results but lacks the experience to correctly determine what they mean. Our indepth knowledge of the protocols and implementations help us to process the results and identify bottlenecks and defects.

Analysis of Accelerator Products
Trying to decide how much bang for the buck you will get from a TOE, NVRAM, HW RAID, or other hardware/software add-on? Performance is not the only issue, many of these products are not yet ready for the enterprise. Let us do an evaluation for you.

Performance Profiling and Tracing
We can provide profiling data and traces for your engineers.

Power Benchmarking
We can evaluate the power and performance characteristics of your equipment.

Product Analysis
We can do a thorough analysis of your product to tell you where the performance, management, data integrity, and reliability issues are.

Product Testing

NSPLabSM can do the product testing in our lab or setup your lab for the testing. NSPLab is setup for both manual and automated testing.

Our engineers started working on file server tests 18 years ago and since then we have implemented several NAS test suites including our product NAStest®. Our engineers know how to file bug reports with sufficient information to allow your developers to reproduce them back in their lab.

Our engineers are fans of fault injection and code coverage analysis and believe that code that has never been exercised will most likely fail the first time it is executed. This typically occurs at one of your customer sites where a minor hardware or software failure that should have been easily handled by your product turns into a series of cascading failures that can lead to data unavailability or loss. It always cost less to find the problems in the lab.

Software Development

NSPLabSM can work on a project basis or time and materials. We know how to manage software projects and get high quality solutions completed on time. We know not all engineers have the same skill sets or abilities which is why we put the right engineers on the project right from the start.